About Us

Speedrunner® is about friendship, entrepreneurship and expertise. The two founders are:        
- Jacques Christinet, former adventurer, active in various sustainability projects, long experience in acrobatic work for cable cars, developed several leisure activities and once ran the longest zip-line at 2.7 km
- Vincent Hueber, passionate about outdoor activities, extensive travels around the globe, long experience in the hospitality and leisure business, solid expertise in the building and operation of adventure parks

With the construction of the Fun Park Zermatt and the goal of making small kids happy, Jacques & Vincent designed, developed and tested a fully new belay system. The Speedrunner® belay system is the result of expertise in industry & cable car technology combined with extensive field experience in adventure parks.

Speedrunner GmbH launched its new innovative solution in 2009 and, since then, the demand has continuously increased. In the meantime, with the introduction of new complementary products, Speedrunner® now offers a complete solution, based on innovation, simplicity and high value.